Our Rugs

We have an outstanding collection of Hand-Knotted and Flat-Weave Rugs.

Antigue KilimPaula and Lincoln Wilson have traveled the world for their rugs. The Wilson’s appreciate the rugs as fine works of art. They hand select each and every piece using their expertise, choosing the most desirable weavings with the highest quality of rolex replica each style and construction. The idea is to find rugs that will stay the test of time. In doing so they have created the most diverse collection in all of Arizona. You will easily find that work of art that appeals to you; from antique to new, classic traditional to contemporary, formal city rugs, handsome village rugs and increasingly rare nomadic rugs, coming from the far near and middle east as well as collectible Navajo and contemporary Zapotec Indian rugs.

Rare, old and antique rugs

It is accepted in the rug world that a rug is antique when it reaches 100 years. That being said, just because a rug is over one hundred does not necessarily make it the most collectible. As our world is increasingly urbanizing and newer technologies are becoming evident globally, the way of the nomads is decreasing, and thus fewer contemporary nomadic weavings are being created, making some of the older tribal weavings increasingly collectible. Like most things that are collectible, rugs can be tricky and it is best to find a reputable dealer that you can trust to guide you and educate you whether you buy from them or not. Lincoln and Paula Wilson believe that in Tubac Old World Imports “The Rug Store”, the education is always free and we welcome your questions.

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Hand Knotted

Our beautiful hand knotted rugs made from hand spun wool come from all over the world. They are made in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China, to name a few.
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Kilim means flat-weave. We have kilims from ….. What makes them Special?
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Zapotec Rug



We have Zapotec Indian Weavings, Rugs, as well as placemats, our very popular “Mug Rugs” and table runners.
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Navajo Indians have a long History of Weaving Blankets…..
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Early Teec Nos Pos Circa 1910
Early Teec Nos Pos Circa 1910